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When you are expecting a baby, it seems that you are constantly preparing. You’re setting up the nursery, going to all of your doctor’s appointments and of course dealing with constant cravings for food combinations you would otherwise avoid like the plague. During pregnancy, these things and so many other things are always on your mind. However, one thing you must not neglect is your oral health. During pregnancy, your oral health is especially important for a number of reasons.

Being pregnant increases your risk of gum disease. This is because women eat more carbs during that time and frequently battle morning sickness. In addition, all of the hormone changes a pregnant woman experiences results in more bacteria being produced, which can result in a gum disease like gingivitis or periodontitis. The bacteria can potentially affect the unborn baby, so it is absolutely essential to continue brushing your teeth twice per day, flossing once a day and continuing with your regular dental checkups.

It’s important to plan your dental appointments throughout your pregnancy. If you aren’t yet pregnant but plan to have a baby, schedule a checkup prior to conceiving. Starting early will ensure you have good oral health and can reduce the risks of low birth weight or a premature delivery.

Avoid dental appointments in the first trimester and instead opt to have them in your second trimester or at the start of the third. Avoid seeing your dentist later in the third trimester, as that can carry a risk of premature delivery.

Being pregnant is one of the most amazing experiences in a woman’s life. It is incredible to see the transformations your body undergoes as your baby develops over nine months. However, it’s important to keep up with good oral health throughout. Use a good fluoride toothpaste and always floss to remove food particles. The better your oral health throughout your pregnancy, the better both you and your baby will feel.

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