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Although most smokers are aware of the increased cancer and cardiovascular risks they face as a result of their habit, many neglect to stay on top of their dental health. This is very unfortunate, as most smokers would benefit from regular dental examinations and treatments. In addition to regular dental appointments, however, smokers should also monitor their own dental health. Doing self-checks for issues such as bad breath, tartar buildup and problems with sense of smell are important when one is a smoker.

Those of our patients who are smokers should make Dr. Ryan and our team aware of this so that they may be scheduled for more frequent appointments. Using floss and mouthwash will help to keep the situation under control. Of course, quitting smoking in the first place is often the best idea. These days, there are many options available to those who have decided to quit smoking. From government programs to hotlines, smokers have a greater support system available than ever before.

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