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As people age, physical features change. Teeth and gums get constant wear and tear. Proper maintenance is the key to good dental health.

As teeth age, they become more vulnerable to cavities. Basic maintenance for this is brushing, flossing, and regular dental exams.

Another problem faced by seniors is sensitivity. Even brushing can be painful. Fortunately, a number of anti-sensitivity brands of toothpaste are available at your local pharmacy.

A common side effect of prescription medicine is mouth dryness. Thanks to modern medicine, seniors live longer, in part due to preventive medications. Dry mouth is an annoying by-product of some of these lifesaving pills. Your dentist has a range of solutions that can help restore a proper level of moisture.

Existing medical problems can exacerbate dental conditions. Make your dentist aware of any ongoing health conditions. If you wear dentures, you should still see your dentist yearly to ensure good health.

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