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Empowering Our Patients to Make Informed Choices

Listening to you, respecting your feelings and concerns, and educating, not judging, are Job One at North Creek Dental Care. This is especially the case for our more apprehensive patients. We communicate at your pace, carefully explaining any proposed treatment, and answering your questions to your complete satisfaction. Only after you are comfortable do we schedule your treatment at a time that works for you.

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Dentistry today offers some amazing advancements of which you may not be aware. Our philosophy holds that the more informed you are about appropriate treatment options, the more comfortable, confident and empowered you will be in making your oral and overall health decisions. That’s why we take the time, first to make you aware of all appropriate treatment options, then confirm your understanding of the relative merits of each option.

Treatment that is personalized to Your Wants and Needs

Our number one goal is for all our patients to know we respect and honor their wishes and needs. We want to get to know you personally, and never treat you as “just the next patient.” We promise to create a friendly and safe environment surrounded by a Team who cares, listens, and enthusiastically supports you. Your dental care will be delivered with exceptional comfort in a friendly and supportive setting.


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