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Opioid abuse continues to be a growing phenomenon with each passing year: in 2016, there were more deaths as a result of opioid abuse than there has ever been before. The ADA has responded to this growing tragedy by making education an ongoing process for dental professionals to educate them on how to spot at-risk patients and get them to the help they need. The focus also rests heavily on prevention through various shifts in treatment, like using non-narcotics as a first line treatment for pain. We at North Creek Dental Care applaud the American Dental Association in its efforts against the misuse and abuse of opioids in the dental world, and we reiterate our commitment to assist the fight to end it.

The ADA and CDC

Both the ADA and the CDC have suggestions and guidelines when it comes to controlling the misuse of opioids. The ADA created free ongoing online training for dental health professionals six years ago. In addition, the CDC has suggested that dentist follow the guidelines set for prescribing opioids for pain. These suggestions, along with education have helped many dentists like Dr. Tom Ryan, Dr. Bohdanna Czerniak and Dr. John Athos of North Creek Dental Care to educate their teams and practice preventative measures to avoid the abuse of opioids among their patients.

Our Tinley Park dental team recognizes the importance of education and the prevention of opioid abuse when it comes to the treatment of dental pain. Your caring dentists Tinley Park, IL are here for you to answer any questions you and support your long term health. We are committed to education and prevention and stand behind utilizing the ADA’s suggestions as well as the CDC.

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