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Prevent Cavities and Stay Healthy

When dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day, it is not something that should be ignored. Brushing your teeth keeps your mouth cleaner and healthier. Bad dental hygiene can be connected to a surprising number of other health issues. Getting a cavity is one... read more

Limiting Sugar is Key to Healthy Teeth and Gums

Having a healthy diet is essential to having healthy teeth and gums. Many types of food and beverages contain sugar, and the plaque that accumulates on your teeth feeds on the food sugars that is left in your mouth. Plaque produces acids that break down tooth enamel... read more

Smoking and Your Teeth

Although most smokers are aware of the increased cancer and cardiovascular risks they face as a result of their habit, many neglect to stay on top of their dental health. This is very unfortunate, as most smokers would benefit from regular dental examinations and... read more

Having a Dental Emergency? Here’s What to Do

Knowing basic first aid is a good idea for everyone in case of an accident, but do you know what to do during a dental emergency? Understanding the right steps to take if your teeth are damaged can help you save a tooth that would be otherwise lost. An ounce of... read more

Reducing Cavities with Sealants

Daily brushing and flossing are two activities that greatly lower the risk of developing cavities. But cleaning food debris thoroughly from every angle of your teeth can prove challenging, especially for the molars, teeth used for chewing that are located in the back... read more

The Reasons for your Sensitive Teeth

Have you ever experienced a sudden sharp pain in your mouth when you eat or drink something cold, or does brushing and flossing leave you with a toothache? If so, you may have sensitive teeth. The crowns of healthy teeth are protected by layers of enamel, while a... read more

Tips for Maintaining Senior Dental Health

As you age, it’s important to continue with regular dental care and checkups to keep optimum oral health. Many people may believe that losing your teeth is just part of the aging process, but that’s not true for those who take care of their teeth and... read more

What can Cause TMJ Disorder?

What can Cause TMJ Disorder? Jaw and tooth alignment Teeth grinding and stress Injury Discoloration Arthritis A proper diagnosis must be given before the condition is treated. The muscles and joints will be checked during the examination. In some cases, you are... read more

Electric vs. Manual: Which Toothbrush Is Better?

A manual toothbrush is an effective way to clean your teeth if you use the correct brushing technique. An electric toothbrush does provide faster bristle movement, which can help remove more plaque from your gums and teeth. Individuals with arthritis,... read more

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