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Many of us can relate the embarrassment of having less than fresh breath in social situations. Sometimes, bad breath is a result of bacterial overgrowth in our mouths. This bacteria is actually helpful in keeping infections and other oral diseases at bay, even though the smell can be less than pleasant. The American Dental Association doesn’t list tongue brushing as a recommended part of healthy oral hygiene, but your  tongue brushing or scraping can definitely restore fresh breath and make your mouth feel cleaner, without compromising your oral health.

A Healthy Tongue and Mouth

It’s not uncommon for food particles and other residues to build on the tongue, which is what the bacteria in your mouth act upon. To properly clean your tongue, start at the back and work your way forward gently with the toothbrush or scraper, being sure to rinse each time you reach the front. Mouthwash can be used as well. With all of these methods, the protective benefits of the healthy bacteria will not be disrupted. It should be noted that tongue residue that changes color or can’t be removed deserves closer inspection from a dentist.

Dr. Tom Ryan, Dr. Bohdanna Czerniak, and Dr. John Athos of North Creek Dental take pride in educating their patients and guiding them through the proper care of their tongue, teeth, and gums. Their main mission is to educate patients on how to practice good oral health care. Contact us today for an appointment!

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