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No Surprise

You and your dentist probably aren’t surprised to hear that most Americans don’t floss enough. In fact, a new study by CNN has found that 1/3 of adults in the U.S. don’t bother to floss in any way, shape, or form. The study observed recent National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data, which had asked 9,000 adults of 30 years of age or older how many times they had each flossed the week prior. Results showed 37% of those asked reported flossing less than once a day while another 30% reported flossing daily within the past week. Furthermore, 32% had reported no flossing whatsoever.

The Value of Repetition

The Center For Disease Control and Prevention — more commonly referred to as the CDC — has pointed out these results reveal that U.S. adults need to better inform both themselves and others on the full benefits of flossing.

Repetition is the key to building a strong dental hygiene habit, according to Dr. Ryan of North Creek Dental. Those who fail to floss regularly aren’t removing any of the plaque between their teeth, and face the risk of it turning into tartar. Tartar is irremovable by toothpaste. Since tartar slowly eats away at one’s teeth and gums, eventually tooth loss can occur.

Fortunately, there are preventative measures that one can take in advance, as well as caring and supportive dental professionals, like the North Creek Dental team in Tinley Park, who can help teeth grow and maintain their health.

Final Thoughts

The study concluded that men are far less likely to floss. For some reason, women tend to remember to do so more often, or they simply see the need as more important. Also, participants older than 75 also reported that they were highly unlikely to floss.

But there’s always hope. Wonderful, nurturing professionals in the dental realm are there just for you! If you live in or near Tinley Park, you can come see us today: Dr. Tom Ryan, Dr. Bohdanna Czerniak, and Dr. John Athos are waiting for you!

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