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New Hope for Damaged Teeth

Not too long ago extraction was the only treatment option for teeth with damaged or infected roots. We believe that, wherever possible, natural tooth structure should be preserved. One time tested technique in support of this goal is root canal therapy (RCT). Dental Care Tinley Park ILOur doctors and team are well versed in all manner of RCT. RCT repairs teeth by removing the pulp chamber, then replacing the pulp with a filling material. This is most often indicated when decay or infection penetrates the tooth’s nerve. At that stage, a simple filling is an inadequate mode of treatment.

As with any new procedure those pioneering dentists who were the first to experiment with root canal therapy met with more limited success, and more discomfort on the part of their patients. It is this history, which has given the root canal its unsavory reputation. With the advent of modern dental equipment, materials, technology, and anesthesia means most patients may expect a positive outcome and little, if any discomfort associated with the procedure.

Accidents Will Happen, But Now You Can Do Something to Lessen Their Impact

Most people are surprised to learn that 5 million teeth are lost to accidents every year in the U.S. Even low impact sports can be hazardous. That’s why smart athletes (and their parents) insist upon the use of proper protective gear: that includes mouth protection. While store bought mouth guards offer a modicum of protection, one that is custom fit not only offers greater protection; it also helps maximize an athlete’s performance by facilitating proper breathing. Custom made mouth guards can be used with nearly any sport, whether it be hockey, football, basketball, baseball, or soccer.

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