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A healthy beautiful smile is a confidence booster; it helps most of us feel comfortable when it comes to expressing ourselves in social situations. But when our smile starts to lose its sparkle and our pearly whites become dull and faded, we often feel less motivated to express ourselves and interact with others. Luckily, professional tooth whitening has the ability to help us regain our confidence and get us talking again.

OTC Treatments

Many OTC treatments promise to give you a neon white smile but fail to deliver. In fact, many OTC treatments can potentially irritate your gums and harm your dental health, because they use molds that are generic and not made to fit your specific smile. Uneven application of the whitening gel can give mixed results and irritate your gums.

Professional Tooth Whitening

Dr. Tom Ryan, Dr. Bohdanna Czerniak, and Dr. John Athos of North Creek Dental want their patients to experience the benefits of safe and effective professional tooth whitening. Your Tinley Park team knows how to get you better results that take your real smile into account. Our customized teeth molds are designed to fit your individual smile, resulting in very little opportunity for irritation. Best of all, professional tooth whitening produces more dramatic results than OTC treatment kits in a much shorter amount of time.

Choice and Affordability

If you want powerful results in a short time, schedule a whitening appointment with North Creek Dental. In about an hour you can begin to have your megawatt smile back. We even give you the option of using a customized home kit! The best results occur over a period of treatments using the at-home kit which can be prescribed and monitored by your exceptional Tinley Park dental team.

Can you can benefit from a professional tooth whitening treatment and bring the shine back to your pearly whites? Call us at North Creek Dental today to get started!

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