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Fluoride Prevents Tooth Decay:

Children in communities without fluoridated water are three times more likely to miss school and require dental surgery because of tooth decay and other dental-related illnesses.

Fluoride Benefits all Ages:

Although fluoride is available in toothpaste and other sources, adding fluoride to the water supply can reduce cavities in both children and adults by as much as 25 percent.

Fluoridated Water Is Safe:

Fluoride has been used in community water supplies for over 70 years. Numerous health organizations, medical associations, and U.S. surgeons general have declared fluoridated water to be safe and effective.

Water Fluoridation Saves Money:

The cost of treating dental-related diseases affects the entire community in the form of higher taxes and insurance premiums. In most communities, every $1 spent on water fluoridation saves approximately $38 in treatment costs.

Fluoride Is Natural:

Fluoride is already present in groundwater. Community water fluoridation merely fortifies the amount to a level that can prevent tooth decay.

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